What we fund

The Humana Foundation seeks to improve community health and well-being through support of nonprofit partners that promote healthy behaviors, health education, and access to health services.

Our funding priorities:

  • Healthy behaviors
  • Health education
  • Access to health services

The Humana Foundation is focusing its grantmaking for 2017 in these locations: Baton Rouge, Broward County in South Florida, Knoxville, Louisville, New Orleans, San Antonio, and Tampa Bay.

Sample of 2015 grants

The Humana Foundation is proud to partner with outstanding community organizations. The following are examples of some of our 2015 grants.

Healthy lifestyles

Tulane University’s Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine (GCCM)
  • Program: CHOP (Cooking for Health Optimization with Patients)
  • Geographic focus: New Orleans, LA
  • Description: CHOP is pilot, randomized control study conducted by GCCM to evaluate the most effective approach to promote healthier family nutrition among minorities in food deserts. This program focuses on equipping parents and children with competencies and fostering attitudes to cook and eat together regularly; enhancing chronic disease prevention and/or management for families and their community by optimizing the best blend of nutrition education and healthy food access; and sharpening and scaling the community curriculum for additional minority participants.
Up2Us Sports
  • Program: Coach Across America
  • Geographic focus: New Orleans, LA; Tampa Bay, FL
  • Description: Coach Across America provides trained coach-mentors to local organizations to expand Sports-Based Youth Development (SBYD) programming in underserved communities. The program incorporates evidence-based / informed strategies that research has shown to be effective in increasing physical activity, promoting physical/mental wellness, and healthy decision-making. Additionally, SBYD leads to development of High Impact Attributes (HIA) in youth, and HIA lead to health seeking choices, education promotion, and decreased juvenile delinquency / anti-social behavior.

Health education

Morningside Ministries
  • Program: mmLearn.org
  • Geographic focus: national focus – online presence
  • Description: mmLearn.org is an interactive, web-based service offering education and support to those caring for older adults. The site contains presentations from experts in geriatrics, gerontology, long-term care, and pastoral care. Caregivers have the opportunity to interact personally with the presenters to address questions about administering care, issues facing those they care for, and topics related to caregiver health, like depression.
Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP)
  • Geographic focus: Funding DPP programs in Tampa Bay, FL; Kansas City, MO; New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA;South FL
  • Description: DPP was initially developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as an approach to improve adult health and well-being. Prediabetics are referred to DPP for a year-long program led by trained lifestyle coaches. The DPP program helps prediabetics overcome barriers to their health by providing diabetes awareness and education and guiding participants toward better lifestyle and self-care choices. Coaches work with small groups to promote increased physical activity and improved nutrition to prevent the onset of diabetes with a goal of five to seven percent weight loss and 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week.

Access to health services

New Roots
  • Program: Veggie Rx
  • Geographic focus: Louisville, KY
  • Description: The Veggie Rx program works with health clinics to identify families who are at risk of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. These families receive “prescriptions” from a physician or nurse practitioner for free, local produce at New Roots’ Fresh Stop markets. Participating families attend classes on fitness, nutrition, food justice, and social determinants of health, which further engage them in improving their health behaviors.
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)
  • Program: Peer Leadership Center
  • Geographic focus: national focus – online presence .
  • Description: The Peer Leadership Center will promote and train Peer Support Specialists (PSS). The role of a PSS is a change lever in the process of recovery from mental illness as these individuals assist their peers in articulating recovery goals, learning and practicing new skills, helping monitor progress, and modeling effective coping techniques. The Center also will include a national registry of PSS, share employment opportunities, and serve as a primary resource in the development of a national Code of Ethics and professional standards for PSS.

Actors Theatre of Louisville