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Edition: Q2 | 2023

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Tiffany Benjamin - CEO

A Word From Our CEO, Tiffany Benjamin

On behalf of the Humana Foundation, I wish you a happy, safe and fruitful summer! This edition of our newsletter gives me the opportunity to welcome our new board chair, David Jones Jr. I am very excited and honored to partner with David in serving our communities. David is no stranger to the Humana Foundation and I’m excited for you to learn more about him as you advance to the next page.

Our commitment to health equity and creating healthy emotional connections for our communities is top of mind for me.

In May, our commitment was strengthened through a visit and volunteer opportunity with Bastion, an intentional community in New Orleans, LA where wounded, ill, or injured veterans live alongside retired military and civilian volunteers. Veterans and military service members need our supportand we are focused on driving equitable access to mental health services for these heroes who’ve served our country.

In April, our commitment was strengthened in the wake of the fatal shootings in Louisville, KY at Old National Bank and outside Jefferson Community & Technical College. When our communities mourn, we mourn, and we’ll soon share more about our $1 million

investment to support Louisville’s healing.

“Our commitment to health equity and creating healthy emotional connections for our communities, is top of mind for me”

Summertime brings increased warmth and sunshine, time with family and opportunities to get outside and enjoying festivals with our neighbors. In all activities this summer, take care of yourself and your neighbors. No matter the season, the Humana Foundation is focused on the prosperity of seniors, veterans, and youth and we bring the horsepower of Humana Inc.’s associates to assist in our efforts. Enjoy!

--Tiffany Benjamin

CEO, Humana Foundation


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Humana Foundation Board Chair 

Humana Foundation Board Chair David Jones Jr.

David Jones Jr.

David Jones Jr. was named the Humana Foundation’s Board Chair in 2023.

Jones served on the board of Humana Inc. from May 1993 until April 2023, leading the board as chair (2005-2010) through the founders' transition.


Q&A: Get to know the Humana Foundation’s new Board Chair, David Jones Jr:

1. What excites you most when you think about your role as Board Chair of the Humana Foundation?

The Humana family is deeply versed in population health, the structure of the healthcare industry and motivations of its participants, barriers to access and affordability, and case studies across time of what works and what has not to improve well-being. It was a joy to work for 30 years on the Humana Inc. board to apply this knowledge in growing the company’s reach and impact. What excites me most now is drawing on this knowledge, and the great network of the Humana family, to find and support improvement in well-being for those not well served by our medical and social systems. In short, to improve health equity.

In my personal volunteer work and philanthropy, I’ve concentrated mostly on improving our shared systems of educating youth – education being a key component of lifelong well-being. I’m thrilled to expand this more explicitly into health.

2. How can the Humana Foundation work with Humana Inc.?

Tiffany has made communication with the company a high priority, and I’m certain this is a good choice. The company’s work with federal and state governments builds deep knowledge of where public policy is heading, where gaps exist that philanthropy might address through experimentation and research, and who else in the industry is interested in what. Everyone’s busy, everyone’s overwhelmed with information, but clear communication between siblings –  Foundation and business corporation --about goals and activities will be key to a great partnership.

3. With the recent release of your father’s book, ‘David A. Jones -Always Looking Forward’ and his broad legacy, what’s one important highlight to share about his approach to philanthropy?

Dad’s book, Always Moving Forward, will be published in the fall. Editing the book, which Dad left in the form of an excellent finished draft, crystallized for me two traits at the heart of his character.

First, he was a person of action. The speed with which he learned about something and acted –whether to launch the first nursing home, start the insurance division, spin off the hospitals, join my brother in building the great Parklands of Floyds Fork, say yes to President Bush’s request to rebuild a health system in Eastern Europe –was breathtaking. He believed deeply that acting to do the right thing mattered most, as most projects can be figured out and improved as they go. Second, he loved to see people doing their best work. It would be wrong to say he loved being in the hospital, but even on the hardest days near the end his face just lit up when nurses, PTs, CNAs or medical technicians worked their magic in their spheres.

With regard tophilanthropy, Franklin Roosevelt said something that I think embodied Dad’s approach, and makes sense to me now as we take on a very ambitious, challenging task: “It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.”


Q2 - Jones Jr. and Senior


4. What leader do you admire the most? Why?

After my father, Lincoln. He loved to learn and never stopped learning, whatever the obstacles. Starting in rural Kentucky he became a master of communication, using language, shared history and stories Americans had in common to lead the country into brutally necessary action, and then to begin knitting the nation together again. His words guide us even today. And he did it despite terrible personal losses and deep depression.

5. 5 things you can’t live without?

My list is shorter: Books, music and people. And –at the risk of a longer digression –a deeply admired mentor taught me that memory might substitute for all three.




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Q2 LinkedIn Newsletter

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Our channels provide insight into health equity, offer a pipeline to our thought leaders and give a behind-the-scenes look at the passion behind our work.

Join us on our shared journey toward better health and health equity.

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Q2 Dollars for Difference

Introducing: Dollars For Difference

Dollars for Difference is a joint initiative from the Humana Foundation and Associate Well-being to reward associates for volunteering.

Beginning in April, the Foundation provides $10 per hour volunteered for each associate in their donation bank, up to an annual cap.

Employees can donate funds in their donation bank to nonprofit organizations at Humana Together.


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Humana Foundation Invests $1 Million to Support Louisville in Wake of Shootings


Q2 Mental Health Story


LOUISVILLE, KY --The Humana Foundation, philanthropic arm of Humana Inc., announced they will invest $1 million to bolster mental health resources in its hometown of Louisville, Ky., following the aftermath of the mass shootings in downtown Louisville on April 12. The donation will support victims and families, but also others in the community struggling from ongoing hardship and trauma that the city has endured in recent years.

The donation is part of the Humana Foundation’s commitment to health equity and creating healthy emotional connections for the communities it serves.

The Humana Foundation’s $1 million investment will go to organizations which can help drive equitable access to mental health services, aid with trauma support and help build a sense of community.




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Humana Foundation Hosts Strategic Session


Q2 Strategic Session


Humana Inc. and the Humana Foundation welcomed more 30 local nonprofit organizations for a strategic update and information session on March 28. This event was hosted at the Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Center and facilitated an open forum between the Foundation and potential grantee partners.

Representatives from both Humana Inc. and the Foundation addressed questions from attendees, provided resources to local nonprofits and guided potential grant applicants on using the Foundation’s new grant management system.

Through the Strategic Update and Information Session, the Foundation achieved the following goals:

  1. Cultivated our relationship with the Louisville non-profit community.
  2. Made new community connections and encouraged engagement with our new website, andensured that potential partners are aware of how to communicate with the Foundation.
  3. Informed potential grantees and philanthropic partners of new strategy focused on emotional well-being and nutrition.
  4. Informed potential grantees of grant cycles, including application process and eligibility guidelines.
  5. Introduced non-profit community to Humana Inc.
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“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” 

- Aesop

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Associate Highlight - Natalie Spalding


Natalie Spalding

Tenure at Humana: 2 years

Current Position: Senior Quality Improvement Professional

Location: Kentucky

Natalie’s Initiative:

Natalie serves on the board of directors for Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry. The organization is 100 percent volunteer run and provides more than 300,000 meals annually across the state.


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Partner Highlight: Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute for Texas

Q2 Partner Highlight


BACKGROUND: The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute for Texas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving mental health care quality, accessibility, and outcomes across the state.

THE NEWS: Through its Trauma and Grief Center (TAG), the Institute has conducted six learning collaboratives in Trauma and Grief Component Therapy (TGCT), training 250 clinicians and more than 1,600 other professionals on trauma and grief-related topics from Dec. 2022 -May 2023.


  • This comprehensive training equips more professionals with the knowledge and tools to address trauma and grief in children and adolescents, potentially leading to improved mental health outcomes for this vulnerable population.
  • Clinicians trained through this grant have already evaluated and enrolled 347 youth-aged patients in treatment.

WHAT’S NEXT: In the upcoming year, TAG plans to hold two additional Learning collaboratives with the goal of training 400 additional clinicians in TGCT or Multidimensional Grief Component Therapy.




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Philanthropy Resources


Resource for Parents of School-Aged Children

Resource for Veterans

Resource for Seniors

Additional Resources

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