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Edition: Q1 | 2024

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Tiffany Benjamin - CEO

A Word From Our CEO, Tiffany Benjamin

Hello partners and friends!

I’m excited about the Humana Foundation’s work in 2024 and because of stakeholders like you, we’ll see great outcomes and advance health equity for the people who need it most.

As a foundation, we have many great assets and partners, but our key philanthropic advantage is Humana employees. When our communities need volunteers, talent or recovery assistance, Humana employees seamlessly offer their time, talents and donations.

We recently launched a “Match Madness” giving campaign where we double matched employee donations to eligible nonprofits. Employees who gave were then eligible to be selected to win 1 of 11 large grants to donate to an eligible nonprofit. Employee donations were incredible! See inside this newsletter for more on what employees invested in nonprofits.

We are excited to open new grant cycles in 2024! The Early Access Cycle ended in February and the Regular Access Cycle is April 1 – May 10. Our goal is to make the process as equitable as possible for the nonprofit community. See more inside about how to apply for a grant from the Humana Foundation.

The Humana Foundation Senior Council is helping us listen and be informed about the issues happening in our communities. Our 14-member volunteer group consisting of both seniors 65+ and rising high school seniors, recently presented about the health equity issues impacting their communities. Specifically, the impact on seniors, school-age children and veterans. We were inspired by their findings and the teens were so impressive in their reports.

As our current teens roll off the board in June, we’re actively recruiting rising seniors to replace their positions. You’ll find the requirements in the pages ahead.

This summer we’ll celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Face the Fight™ initiative. The Humana Foundation was the first organization to join USAA, and a growing coalition, to raise awareness and support for suicide prevention. The coalition has grown to 138 members!

Go to for more information.

2024 will be an exciting year. Thanks in advance for engaging with us as we advance health equity and help our communities thrive.

--Tiffany Benjamin

CEO, Humana Foundation


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Senior Council Convenes to Discuss Health Equity Issues, Regional Solutions


senior council meeting


The Humana Foundation's Senior Council advisory board convened on Wednesday, Feb. 28, for its quarterly conference call. Representatives from the Humana Foundation’s focus geographies discussed health equity issues and brainstormed potential solutions for the communities they serve. This productive dialogue highlighted key areas in which the Humana Foundation can enhance its programming to improve well-being among its populations across its commitment areas.

The topics, by focus geography, included:

  • Florida: Food insecurity
  • Louisiana: Healthy living/eating for school-aged children
  • Louisville (KY): Substance use and teen mental health
  • Texas: Mental health for school-aged children




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Nominate Students for the Senior Council 


senior council recruiting

The Humana Foundation is actively recruiting rising high school juniors and seniors in Florida, Louisiana, Louisville (KY) and Texas for the Senior Council.

The Council is an advisory board for our efforts to support seniors, veterans and youth in living connected, healthy lives. The commitment is two hours each month, including quarterly meetings and engagement via email. Members can earn service credit and gain resume-building experience while advising on mental health and nutrition programs in their communities.

If you know a high school student with a passion for health equity, encourage them to apply here and refer to this one-pager for additional information.


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Sherry Boesch


Sherry Boesch

Tenure at Humana: 9 years

Current Position: Lead, Cybersecurity Advocacy, Enterprise Information Protection

Location: Kentucky

Sherry’s Initiative:

Sherry organized a team volunteer opportunity for associates in Enterprise Information Protection (EIP). They gathered at Metro United Way and packed nearly 500 family engagement kits for an early childhood program. Each kit included materials to help families engage in educational activities with children ages 3 to 5 years old. Way to go, Sherry!


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Empowering Grant Partners with an Equitable Approach to Grantmaking

Grant webinar


The Humana Foundation understands the funding landscape is increasingly challenging and uncertain, making the work of nonprofits even more crucial. That's why the Foundation has implemented two grant cycles (Early Access and Regular Access), aiming to make the process of applying more transparent, inclusive and equitable. We're keeping our nonprofit communities at the forefront of our process.

The Foundation hosted an informational webinar prior to opening its Early Access Grant Cycle. Several key Foundation leaders spoke to potential grantees on a variety of important topics like the new open grant application periods, Foundation target populations and priority geographies, key definitional terms that guide application reviews and tips for completing a successful application.

Nearly 600 registrants attended the webinar and many more accessed a recording of the virtual learning session via the Humana Foundation’s online grant portal. The Foundation also provided potential partners with a sample application, FAQ resource and user guide to ensure applicants were well-equipped to apply for funding.

The Humana Foundation will open its Regular Access grant cycle on April 1. All eligible organizations are encouraged to apply; however, the Foundation focuses its funding on projects addressing mental health needs or advancing nutrition for seniors, veterans and/or school-aged children in Florida, Louisiana, Louisville (KY) and/or Texas.



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Match Madness

Humana Foundation Match Madness

The Humana Foundation hosted its second annual “Match Madness” Double Match Day on March 5.

Humana and CenterWell employees were invited to donate to eligible nonprofits of their choice, share their donation stories with #GotMyMatch and have their donations doubled by the Humana Foundation.

Humana and CenterWell employees donated almost $300,000 to their favorite charitable organizations, and with the Foundation’s double match, the combined impact on Double Match Day totaled more than $800,000.


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Partner Highlight: Generations United


Partner Highlight


BACKGROUND: Generations United champions the cause of enhancing mental health access for grand families through the support of community-based organizations like Children’s Home Network (CHN) in Florida and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) Information Center of Louisiana.

THE NEWS: CHN and GRG utilized funds from the Humana Foundation to increase capacity building efforts and provide both peer support and technical assistance to grand families. CHN introduced a "caregiver self-care check-in" within its Florida support groups to foster better communication and community links, while GRG broadened its impact in Louisiana by initiating new support groups in several counties and engaging with community and state leaders.


  • The programming significantly contributed to the well-being of both caregivers and children byfostering stronger community ties and enhancing access to mental health services.
  • The expansion of support groups and strategic engagements with legislative bodies underscore adeepening commitment to the multifaceted needs of grand families, showcasing a model of carethat can be replicated across different states.

WHAT’S NEXT: Generations United will continue to work with local and national partners to raise awareness about the need for local, state and national investments in supportive services for grand families from both the government and private sector partnerships.




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Nonprofit Quarterly

Advancing Senior Well-being & Connectedness

The Humana Foundation, in collaboration with Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) from AARP, is at the forefront of improving digital literacy among seniors, a critical step toward enhancing seniors' health and wellbeing.

Humana Foundation CEO Tiffany Benjamin and OATS executive director Tom Kamber recently addressed the importance of digital literacy in combatting social isolation and promoting health equity among seniors in an Op-Ed for Nonprofit Quarterly.


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Humana Foundation Awards Health Equity Research Grants to University Partners

Grantee Highlight


LOUISVILLE, KY – The Humana Foundation announced the recipients of its first-ever research grants in service of the Foundation’s health equity strategy. The research undertaken by the following university partners will examine barriers to healthy emotional connections and approaches to nutrition, and explore the relationship between these issues and chronic disease:

Awards of $250,000 each were presented to the university partners.

“The Humana Foundation is proud to support solutions-focused research that contributes to national health equity as a core part of the new strategy we announced at the beginning of the year,” said Tiffany Benjamin, CEO of the Humana Foundation. “We’re generating knowledge that translates into practical, scalable solutions for removing the barriers that prevent people from living connected, healthy lives.”




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“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others” 

-- Booker T. Washington

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Philanthropy Resources


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