What we fund

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The Humana Foundation funds 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and social institutions that focus on supportive relationships and their potential to generate healthy behaviors and prevent chronic disease. We give priority to projects conducted in geographic areas where Humana has a significant presence.

The application period is: November 1—January 15. Our grant application is closed outside of this timeframe.

Grant decisions and distribution of funds announced in April and May.

Characteristics of strong funding proposals:
  • Engage multiple generations in ways to improve their health
  • Use evidence-based practices to promote health
  • Support the prevention of chronic disease
  • Encourage healthy behaviors through supportive relationships
Examples of strong programs:
  • An intergenerational mentoring program that incorporates health and fitness activities to positively impact at-risk youth and older adults
  • A health coach leading a peer-support group focused on diabetes prevention
  • A community engagement project that improves nutritional status for youth and families through fruit and veggie prescriptions
  • A program that provides information and support to caregivers of aging adults
The Humana Foundation also prioritizes funding proposals that are:
  • data-driven and evidence-based
  • collaborative
  • innovative
  • replicable
  • sustainable
Grants are not provided for the following:
  • individuals or private foundations
  • seed money, or as the only funding source of an organization
  • solely to support an organization's salary expenses or other administrative costs (grants with administrative costs greater than 15 percent will not be considered)
  • social, labor, political, or fraternal organizations
  • lobbying efforts, political action committees, or politically sensitive causes
  • religious organizations for general operating support, sanctuary construction, renovation, or mission-focused work. [However, religious organizations with 501(c)(3) status are eligible for project-specific support (e.g. social services outreach or programs within giving priorities for an accredited, church-affiliated educational institution)]

How to apply

All eligible applicants must submit their grant application forms electronically. Grant applications are accepted Nov 1- Jan 15. The grant application is closed outside of this timeframe.

By clicking the button below, you can complete the application online between Nov 1 – Jan 15.

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The Humana Foundation does not suggest specific grant proposal amounts to applicants. Minimum grant amount is $10,000.

After submitting the application:

After submitting the application, you'll promptly receive e-mail notification that your request has been received.

If you are applying for the Humana Communities Benefit (HCB) program in an eligible Humana market location, the application may be found on your city’s webpage at www.humana.com/HCB. Questions regarding HCB application review should be directed to HCB@humana.com.

Humana Foundation grant proposal review process and timeline:

  • Late January – February: Foundation conducts due diligence of funding proposals
  • Spring: Foundation Board meets and approves proposals to be funded
  • Late spring/early summer: Foundation notifies applicants of grant decisions and distributes funds