Corporate Headquarters Community Relations Program

The Humana Foundation is committed to our headquarters city, Louisville, KY. While we are increasing our financial support of local opportunities that address social determinants of health (the conditions under which people are born, grow, live, work and age that impact overall health and well-being), we also believe there are important causes we should support to strengthen our hometown.

For this opportunity, the Humana Foundation looks to support eligible Louisville-area organizations with resources that represent all forms of philanthropic capital, including funding, leadership, business area expertise, and employee involvement. This combined level of support will allow both Humana and the Humana Foundation to provide opportunities for the growth and development of local nonprofits on both a programmatic and organizational level.

Grant program details

The Humana Foundation launched the Community Relations initiative in 2018 in the Louisville area (link opens in new window), giving the Foundation an opportunity to support organizations doing great work that aligns with Humana’s four dimensions of well-being: health, purpose, belonging and security. The program in 2019 will fund initiatives that address social determinants of health by providing critical safety net services and/or those that make the Louisville area a more appealing place to live for all, including:

  • Nutrition and food security – help increase the community’s supply of sustainable, nutritious food sources
  • Shelter – focus on homeless population; housing for today, and also stable housing for the future
  • Personal safety– focus on people facing danger or harm on a regular basis (domestic abuse, violence, unsafe home environments)
  • Health care services – meeting the health care needs of those don’t have regular access (e.g. those without insurance or who are under-insured, helping people access/afford medication/treatment)
  • Built and natural environment – focus on improving both our physical environments (e.g. improved lighting, enhancements to sidewalks to make them more accessible, etc.) and the natural environment (e.g. tree planting, beautification, support of parks)
  • Arts and culture – focus on organizations enriching our community’s well-being through arts and culture
  • Education and early childhood development – focus on helping people develop their cognitive, social, and linguistic skills

Special consideration will go to those applications that:

  • Propose initiatives that require collaboration across two or more organizations, such as multiple nonprofit organizations, government organizations, academic institutions, etc.
  • Propose initiatives with a strong focus on inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging, breaking down barriers that keep all Louisville citizens from engaging the many services and opportunities our city has to offer. This includes working to make individuals in marginalized populations feel more included, connected and welcome in our community.

Initiatives taking place in the following counties in the Louisville-area will be considered:

  • Kentucky: Bullitt; Hardin; Henry; Jefferson; Nelson; Oldham; Shelby; Spencer; Washington
  • Indiana: Clark; Floyd; Harrison

Grants in this program will be offered at the following levels:

  • $25,000
  • $50,000
  • $100,000

Grant program timeline

Applications for the Community Relations Grant Program may be completed online between Thursday, January 24 through Monday, February 11.

The Humana Foundation expects to announce the recipients of the grants in mid-April.

Skills-based Volunteerism

Building on 2018 when Humana employees reported volunteering over 100,000 hours in the Louisville area, Humana and the Humana Foundation is incorporating a significant new skills-based volunteerism component into the Community Relations Program.

This will result in more Humana employees in Louisville putting their strongest business skills to work for area nonprofits to increase capacity, access, and sustainability. This program began ramping up in 2018, and will continue to grow in 2019.