Uniting for Stronger Communities

As a nation, we are facing unprecedented challenges. More than ever, we need to unite and care for one another in our communities and, more broadly, as a country.

For some, these challenges began in March as COVID-19 spread across the country, disproportionately affecting the physical, mental and financial health of the most vulnerable among us. For others, the challenges of racism and discrimination today are the same hurt, pain, grief and suffering of the past.

Racism and discrimination can deeply impact every aspect of our lives, including health and well-being. Many in our communities, including our Black community, are suffering under the burden of racial inequities.

Together with Humana Inc., The Humana Foundation does not tolerate racism or discrimination in any form. We are committed to equity, inclusion, rebuilding and relief efforts, especially in communities that are suffering after the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, George Floyd in Minneapolis, and all those killed or harmed in senseless acts of racism. We stand with all those calling for racial equity.

We believe that health equity must include racial equity. The Humana Foundation is committed to working with our partners, including Humana Inc., to improve social determinants of health in communities across the country.  

Social connectedness – how we come together, interact and feel connected to each other – is key. We must work together to lift up those in marginalized communities who are not treated with the fullness of human dignity and respect.

The Humana Foundation is calling on other philanthropic funders to join us in committing to health equity, funding programs that bring community members and leaders together to create improved and sustained positive health outcomes, and working towards stronger and healthier communities.

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