Report: 22 Million U.S. Seniors Lack Broadband Internet Access; First Time Study Quantifies Digital Isolation of Older Americans as Pandemic Continues to Ravage Nation

OATS, in Partnership with the Humana Foundation, Launches Unprecedented Effort to Bring Internet to One Million Older Adults by 2022

Humana and The Humana Foundation, in partner with Older Adults Technology Services, Inc. (OATS), released a new report that for the first time quantifies the size and degree of the digital isolation crisis among seniors in the United States, finding nearly 22 million older Americans continue to lack broadband access at home. Stressing the importance of digital health tools and social connectedness amid the coronavirus pandemic, OATS and The Humana Foundation are launching a new effort to close the technology adoption gap through Aging Connecteda national campaign to bring at least a million older Americans online with high-speed internet by 2022.     

The report commissioned new research by leading academics on the digital technology gap and engaged volunteers from Humana’s Digital Health & Analytics team. Drawing on this new analysis, as well as more than 15 years of applied learning at OATS, the report presents a detailed portrait of digitally disconnected older adults in America, touching on how many people remain offline, which demographics are disproportionately affected, and more.

“Our partnership with OATS illustrates The Humana Foundation’s commitment to health equity and addressing the social determinants of health,” said Walter D. Woods, CEO of The Humana Foundation. “By enabling more seniors to use technology and access high-speed internet, we can help seniors understand and access digital health services and telemedicine, improving the quality of healthcare they receive. Additionally, Aging Connected will help seniors combat loneliness and increase their sense of social connectedness by engaging people safely at home. We call on other community leaders, businesses, and philanthropic funders to join us in committing to this important initiative.

Learn more about Aging Connected and link to the report here.

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