More Healthy Days and Greater Health Equity for Years to Come

A message from Bruce Broussard, Chairman of The Humana Foundation Board of Directors

A message from Bruce Broussard, Chairman of The Humana Foundation Board of Directors


Humana Inc. co-founders David A. Jones and Wendell Cherry established The Humana Foundation in 1981, creating the corporation’s philanthropic branch because of a long-standing commitment to philanthropy and belief in supporting community health.

The Humana Foundation continues to build on that legacy, collaborating and investing in partners and programs that demonstrably enhance the health and well-being of communities throughout the country. Through innovative work like the Strategic Community Investment Program in eight of Humana’s Bold Goal communities and the Community Partners Program in our corporate hometown of Louisville, the Foundation is working to address the root causes of social determinants of health and eliminate health disparities.

Humana honors its co-founders’ philanthropic legacy and commitment to The Humana Foundation. By making periodic contributions to its endowment, Humana is supporting the Foundation’s mission of promoting more healthy days and creating greater health equity for all for years to come.

Recently, Humana announced a $150 million gift to The Humana Foundation, intending to further the Foundation’s work in the future. This is in addition to the $50 million contribution Humana made in late April, earmarked for Foundation partnerships to provide immediate relief and long-term recovery from COVID-19.

Humana has a responsibility to its members, employees and communities to help address social determinants of health, as well as an obligation to support these same groups throughout the COVID-19 health crisis. With the COVID support gift earlier this year and this contribution to the Foundation’s endowment, Humana aims to fulfill these commitments in the immediate future and over the course of many years.

The Humana Foundation understands health is local, and that improving community health takes time and requires deep relationships to drive sustainable results. Together with Humana, the Foundation looks forward to investing in programs that will create lasting change and positive health outcomes for years to come.


Bruce Broussard
Chairman, Humana Foundation Board of Directors
President and Chief Executive Officer, Humana Inc.

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