Meet the Foundation: Soojin Conover, PhD


Who are the people that power The Humana Foundation? Each month, we will bring you a brief profile on one of our staff members from our recently expanded team, a board member, volunteer, or individual who works for one of our  partners so you can learn more about who we are, what we care about and how the work of The Foundation happens.

Dr. Soojin Conover joined The Foundation in 2021, and serves as the team’s data scientist. Soojin uses data analytics to understand community needs, as well as the impact of projects and programs that The Foundation invests in. She uses this data to help grantees share their success through data by providing technical assistance in data collection, visualization, and analysis.

At The Foundation, we are in the practice of talking about gratitude and Soojin is grateful for her colleagues at The Foundation who are committed, collaborative, and competent. She appreciates being part of a diverse and talented team with extensive experience and passion for health equity. She is also grateful for her husband who is always supportive and makes her laugh.  Her husband is an important part of her health and well-being.  Soojin likes to eat healthy home-cooked meals, but does not enjoy cooking. She lets her husband handle that, preferring to handle the clean-up afterwards.  She finds herbal tea therapeutic, and also helpful in the quest to stay hydrated.   Soojin loves sci-fi and admits that she is more of a movie than book person. She is currently re-reading Dune by Frank Herbert in preparation for a new version of the movie coming out this fall.

Soojin works for The Humana Foundation because she believes corporate entities are in a unique position to make positive impact at a large scale across many different communities. She was drawn to The Humana Foundation’s dedication to promoting health equity by addressing social determinants of health. Soojin lives with her husband in Boston, MA.

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