Meet the Foundation: Jasmine Weatherby


Who are the people that power The Humana Foundation? Each month, we will bring you a brief profile on one of our staff members from our recently expanded team, a board member, volunteer, or individual who works for one of our non-profit partners so you can learn more about who we are, what we care about and how the work of The Foundation happens.

Jasmine is the senior corporate communications professional for The Foundation. Although her role sits on two teams within the Humana universe - she is part of both The Humana Foundation team and the Corporate Communications team - her focus is clear - leading the storytelling efforts for the Foundation and increasing the visibility of the work of The Foundation and its non-profit partners.  This is her first position in corporate philanthropy, with her previous roles all being in government, where she worked to make a positive change in the world around her.  Addressing the root cause of inequities in society has always been important to her, and she was drawn to The Humana Foundation because of its work to address health inequities and their underlying causes.

At The Foundation, we are in the practice of talking about gratitude, and Jasmine is grateful for many things; so much, so that she makes a list of those things each morning as a way of getting her day started. Some common items that bubble to the top of the list frequently are her health, her relationships with family and those she considers “chosen family” and time spent in nature. She is an avid gardener and tries to combat food insecurity in her neighborhood by planting many vegetables at street level so passers-by grab something if they need it.  Jasmine takes care of her well-being through long walks, runs and hikes, plenty of sleep, and time spent connecting with loved ones. She is currently reading The Book of Delights by Ross Gay and We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Jasmine lives in Louisville, KY with her cat Roger.

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