Meet the Foundation: Heather Hyden


Who are the people that power The Humana Foundation? Each month, we will bring you a brief profile on one of our staff members from our recently expanded team, a board member, volunteer, or individual who works for one of our non-profit partners so you can learn more about who we are, what we care about and how the work of The Foundation happens.

Heather is one of two portfolio officers for The Humana Foundation.  In this role, she works with The Foundation’s grantees to help meet health equity goals and share the organization’s learnings to influence food systems change in the short and long-term.  Heather chose to work in corporate philanthropy because she wanted to bring her nonprofit experience to the table to shape how resources are redistributed. Throughout her career, she has watched the shifts taking place in how the philanthropic sector addresses equity and social justice. She believes more people with experience working in under-resourced organizations need to be involved in corporate philanthropy and saw this as the perfect opportunity to jump into this space.  Although new to the role, Heather says she already loves the program team at The Humana Foundation because, “we all have extensive experience and knowledge in social movements, nonprofit management and health equity. I am proud to work with a diverse team that is creating bold solutions for how philanthropy should support our communities.”

Heather is grateful for a partner who cooks for her and understands that biscuits are her love language. She says that naps area lifesaver for her well-being.  She is currently reading Black Food Geographies: Race, Self-Reliance, and Food Access in Washington, D.C. by Ashante’ M. Reese. She lives in Lexington, KY with her partner and their son.  

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