Humana Associates Use Skills-Based Volunteerism To Help Partner Organizations

During a one-day virtual event in partnership with Taproot Foundation, six non-profit partners of The Humana Foundation were paired with 20 Humana associates who volunteered their talents and skills to help fill a need of the organization. Projects ranged from data analysis and impact measurement to developing a social media marketing campaign. At the end of the day, the nonprofits were provided a deliverable they could put into use independent of the volunteers that helped develop it.

 “We can’t do it alone,” Walter Woods, CEO of the Humana Foundation said. “Our partners are essential in helping us reach our goals, and when we work together with our associates, that’s where the magic happens.”

While Humana and the Foundation support key nonprofits that are addressing social determinants of health and health equity in many ways, associate volunteerism has the potential to amplify that impact.

“Our associates have so much to offer, volunteerism that uses their talents just makes sense,” Tim State, Senior Vice President of Associate Health & Well-being said. “We’ve seen how this community steps up time and time again. We’re a powerful force.”

It’s good for the nonprofits and the volunteers. In a post-pilot survey, 87 percent of nonprofit respondents are very confident that they will be able to use the deliverable they received from the Humana volunteer, and 93 percent of non-profits stated that their goal for the program was either met or exceeded. An astounding 100 percent of associates reported that participating in this program made them feel proud of Humana, and said it was fulfilling to apply their expertise in a different context.

“It made me feel validated in that what I do every day is something that is worthwhile,” one Humana associate volunteer said. “My skillset, within the organization, is prevalent, so I undervalue it as a rule. I have more confidence now in what I do.”

Whether it’s helping build a spreadsheet, a one-pager or assist in streamlining a process, these skills aren’t your everyday volunteerism activities – they’re something more. In many ways, contributing not only your time, but your talent and services, can truly help move the needle in our communities.

Make sure your non-profit is registered so Humana associates can volunteer and give to your organization!

Humana associates receive paid time off for volunteering and a match from The Humana Foundation on their charitable giving. Make sure you create a profile with Benevity, the platform that powers Humana Together, Humana’s internal resource for finding and tracking volunteer and giving opportunities.

Once you have registered and created a profile, follow these steps to post a volunteer opportunity. If you want your event to only be viewable by Humana associates, use the share key “humana-volunteer” when setting up your opportunity.

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